Hello friends, Arun Manilal Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, passed away on April 30, 2023, at the age of 89 in Kolhapur, India. The news of his death has shocked people around the world, who are mourning the loss of a man who was known for his commitment to the values of his grandfather.

Arun Manilal Gandhi
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Arun Manilal Gandhi Early Life & Family Background

Arun Manilal Gandhi was born on April 14, 1936, in Durban, South Africa. He was the second son of Manilal Gandhi, who was the second son of Mahatma Gandhi. Arun’s mother, Sushila Nayar, was a prominent Indian freedom fighter who worked closely with Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian independence movement. Growing up, Arun was deeply influenced by his grandfather’s teachings of nonviolence and peaceful resistance.

Arun Manilal Gandhi Career & Contributions

Arun Manilal Gandhi dedicated his life to spreading the message of nonviolence and promoting social justice. He was a prominent speaker and author, known for his advocacy of nonviolent conflict resolution and his efforts to promote interfaith dialogue. He wrote several books on these subjects, including “The Legacy of Love: My Education in the Path of Nonviolence,” which was published in 1998.

Arun Manilal Gandhi’s Involvement In Society

Arun was also actively involved in several social and humanitarian causes. He founded the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence in 1987, which was based in Memphis, Tennessee. The institute’s mission was to promote the principles of nonviolence and social justice, and it provided training and education to individuals and organizations working towards these goals.

Arun was also a strong advocate for environmental conservation and sustainable development. He believed that the principles of nonviolence should extend beyond human conflicts and encompass the relationship between humans and the natural world. He was involved in several environmental campaigns and served on the board of several environmental organizations.

Arun Manilal Gandhi Personal Life

Arun Manilal Gandhi was married to Sunanda Gandhi, and the couple had four children. He lived a simple and humble life, following the principles of his grandfather. He was known for his humility and kindness, and he inspired many people around the world with his message of nonviolence.

Arun Manilal Gandhi Legacy

Arun’s death is a great loss to the world, particularly to those who are committed to the cause of social justice and nonviolence. His legacy will live on through his writings and through the work of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, which he founded.

Arun Manilal Gandhi Tributes

The news of Arun Manilal Gandhi’s death has been met with an outpouring of tributes and condolences from people around the world. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted his condolences, saying that Arun Gandhi “was a champion of nonviolence and a leading voice in the global movement for social justice.”

Arun Manilal Gandhi Condolences

Gandhi’s passing has also been mourned by leaders and organizations working towards social justice and nonviolence, including the Dalai Lama, who tweeted that he was “deeply saddened by the passing of Arun Gandhi, a dear friend and a great champion of nonviolence and peace.”


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