“Cat Blender” is an incident that first took place in 2010. A short video was uploaded on YouTube titled ‘Cat Blender.’ It featured a cat that was put in a blender and mercilessly blended alive. The video did not take a long time to reach the audience and also the animal rights activists.

Cat In Blender Part 2 Video
Image Source: PKBNews

Cat In Blender Part 2 Video

It created outrage and controversy among animal rights activists and pet lovers, especially cat lovers worldwide. In the video, a cute cat is seen playing in the kitchen, and the cat gets stuck in the blender. The graphics of the video are very horrifying and thus shocked the viewers, resulting in the video being taken down by YouTube.

Creators Of Cat Blender Part 2 Video

The creators of the video are a group of students from the French Animation School, Supinfocom Arles. The students who created the video are Anthony Vivien, Caroline Attia, Estelle Martinez, and Wendy Pillonel for the purpose of their college project. The creators also received hatred and death threats because of the violent nature of the video.

Some of the viewers argued that the video is not suitable for the audience and is a form of graphic violence. However, the creators defended themselves by saying that it is just an animated video and no real cat was used while making the video, and it was purely animated.

Cat Blender Part 2 Twitter Video

In the recent turn of events, another such video is trending on our feeds which resembles the same incident. Another video shows a person putting a cat in the blender. Although the video is only 10 seconds long, the video has instantly gone viral on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok.

Scary Content 18 Cat Blender Part 2 Footage

In this video, we can see an actual person putting a cat with their own hands into a blender. At the end of the video, horrifying and disturbing visuals of the cat are shown. The video was first posted by the account on Twitter called “@scarycontent18”.

They are known for posting such scary videos. However, this video looks more disgusting and ridiculous than scary. It is also being said that whoever made this video is inspired by Luka Magnotta, who used to murder not only humans but also cats. Although he is now behind bars, the creator of the video may have taken inspiration from Luka.

Is Cat Blender Video Real?

Nothing is confirmed whether this video is also animated or not, but again there is outrage among animal lovers all over the world. By carefully looking at the video, we can see that the blender has something written on it in Chinese or such language. Due to this, it can be said that the video originated from China or some other Asian country.

Who Is The Person Behind Cat Blender Video?

Some users claim that the person responsible for this has been arrested, however, there is no confirmation on this. The Twitter account that posted the video was taken down for some time but it has now been restored. It is confirmed that “@scarycontent18” has not made this video but just posted it on their account.

As of now, all the videos posted by this account have been taken down by Twitter, and it currently has only two photos of the blender’s image, which has something written in Chinese. We advise our viewers not to see the video as it is very sensitive and also has very disturbing visuals.


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